Coastal Litigation

On January 21, 2016, Advocates for the Environment filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Sierra Club against the California Coastal Commission challenging its approval of the Edge Development Project near Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica Mountains. The petition is online. As Peter Douglas, the former Executive Director of the Coastal Commission stated, the project is an environmental disaster. It should never have been approved.

Edge Development Project

"The Edge" is David Evans, the lead guitarist of rock band U2. When he and his Irish investor purchased the 151-acre site on which he wants to build five houses, it was zoned as open space. He therefore had no reasonable expectation that he could develop the land and build houses on it. He pushed forward anyway.

The land he wants to develop is smack dab in the middle of park open space in the mountains. The National Park Service and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy both oppose the Edge Project, because the site should be publicly owned and integrated into the surrounding parkland.

Map of the area surrounding the Edge Development parcels, with public lands shown in green. The proposed configuration of the five houses on the Edge Property has changed since this map was issued. The Edge Development would open up development of the privately owned parcels to the east, which are slated to become parkland.

Violations of the Coastal Act

The Edge started submitting applications for a Coastal Development Permit to the Coastal Commission in 2007. The permit is required for any development in the Coastal Zone, under the California Coastal Act. The Coastal Commission is required by law to ensure that proposed development complies with the Coastal Act and the applicable Local Coastal Plan (LCP) before issuing a development permit. The Edge Development Project does not comply with the Coastal Act in numerous ways, including the following:

Violations of CEQA

The Coastal Commission also violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) when it approved the Edge Project. CEQA requires agencies to document all the significant environmental effects before it approves a project, but the Coastal Commission failed to do so in its staff report.

CEQA also requires the agency approving a project to evaluate a reasonable range of alternatives, including a "no project" alternative. The Commission didn't evaluate a no-project, or a single-house alternative.

And CEQA requires the entire project to be evaluated in a single document. But the Edge Development will require extension of Sweetwater Mesa Road in the City of Malibu. The effects of that road extension should have been evaluated in the Coastal Commission's staff report on the project, but they were not, another CEQA violation.

The Edge's Lawsuit Against the Coastal Commission

After the Commission denied The Edge's CDP application in 2011, he sued the Coastal Commission in four lawsuits filed by four separate law firms. The Commission settled that suit in a way that required the Commission to consider a scaled-down version of the project. The Commission approved the revised project on December 10, 2015, under threat of the lawsuit, which was still pending.

The Coast is for Everyone, Not Just the Privileged Few

As Steve Lopez said in a recent column in the Los Angeles Times, the Coast is for everyone, not just the privileged few. The public has a right to develop the Santa Monica Mountains as parkland. The National Park Service has been working with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and other public agencies on this project for decades.

The Coastal Commission has regularly stood up to owners of beachfront homes who have tried to exclude the public from the public beaches in front of their homes, because the Coastal Act mandates access for all. The public has rights to make sure that land it has zoned as open space remains open. It has the right to preserve irreplaceable habitat near the coast. And it has the right to make sure that public views of the mountains aren't marred by a series of huge houses placed in the middle of parkland. Too bad the Commission hasn't stood up for those public rights this time.

Please Donate to Help Fund the Sierra Club's Lawsuit against the Edge Development

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