What We Do

We are a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) non-profit law firm and environmental advocacy organization. We litigate, provide legal advice, and advocate on behalf of the environment, on our own, and on behalf of our clients.

We also focus on developing legal tools that activists and other lawyers can use to protect the environment.

Who We Are

Though our staff is small, we work with outside lawyers and environmental activists to produce big results. Our Executive Director, Dean Wallraff, is a long-time environmental activist and a lawyer with experience litigating environmental cases under a number of federal and state laws. He was recently a member of the national Board of Directors of the Sierra Club.

Kate Unger, our Legal Director, is also an attorney specializing in environmental litigation.


Please support our work by making a donation today. Donations to support our programs are tax-deductible.


Contact Info

Dean Wallraff, Attorney at Law, Executive Director
P.O. Box 4242, Sunland, CA 91041-4242
tel: (818) 353-4268
fax: (818) 864-3224
email: dw@aenv.org